Synthesis of Hexamine

Aim: To prepare and submit Hexamine

Chemicals Required: Distill Water, Formaldehyde, Conc: NH3 or NH4OH, Diethyl ether and ethyl alcohol.

Apparatus Required: Rotary Vapouriser, Thermometer, Litmus Paper, Measuring Cylinder, Reflux Condenser, Round Bottom Flask, Beaker, Buchner Funnel, Water Bath, Vaccum Desiccator and Glass Rod.

Principle: Hexamine is a heterocyclic organic compound that is also known as Methenamine or Hexamethylenetetramine or Urotropin. Hexamine use as an anti-infective agent and used to treat Urinary Tract Infections. Hexamethylenetetramine is prepared by the condensation of formaldehyde and ammonia

Synthesis of Hexamine
Synthesis of Hexamine

Procedure: The procedure of preparing hexamine is given below:

  1. Place of 10ml of 37% formaldehyde and 9ml of ammonia into a round bottom flask.
  2. Evaporate the solution on a Rotavapor.
  3. During evaporation, a white residue (urotropin) is formed.
  4. Add another portion of Ammonia 14ml to dissolve the solid.
  5. Once more place the flask onto a Rotavapor and evaporate the solvent. Repeat the solvent. Repeat that step once more with an additional portion of ammonia(14ml).
  6. After evaporation add 15ml of anhydrous ethanol and dissolve the solid by heating under reflux.
  7. Filter the hot mixture on the Bichner Funnel.
  8. Add 10ml diethyl ethar to the filtrate and cool down.
  9. Filter the precipitated urotropin wash it with anhydrous ethanol drain well and then dry on air.

Report: Hexamine was prepared and submitted.

Uses of Hexamine: Uses of Hexamine is discussed below:

  • Hexamine dominantly used in the preparation of powdery and liquid preparation of phenolic resin moulding compounds.
  • Hexamine is also used as a food preservatives.
  • Hexamine is also use against concomitant odour and excessive sweating.

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