M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics 1st Semester Notes PDF Download

Download Master in Pharmacy means M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics 1st Semester PDF Notes for your study. There are four theory subjects in M.Pharm Pharmaceutics 1st Semester: Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques, Drug Delivery Systems, Modern Pharmaceutics and Regulatory Affairs. We have shared topic-wise notes of all subjects strictly following the PCI M.Pharm Syllabus.

M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics 1st Semester Notes PDF Download
M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics 1st Semester Notes PDF Download

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Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Technique M.Pharm PDF Notes

UV-Visible Spectroscopy

  • Introduction, Theory, Laws, and Instrumentation associated with UV Visible spectroscopy
  • Choice of solvents and solvent effect and Applications of UV Visible spectroscopy


  • Theory of Fluorescence, Factors affecting fluorescence, Quenchers
  • Instrumentation and Applications of a fluorescence spectrophotometer

IR Spectroscopy

  • Theory, Modes of Molecular vibrations, Sample handling, Instrumentation of Dispersive and Fourier -Transform IR Spectrometer
  • Factors affecting vibrational frequencies and Applications of IR spectroscopy

Flame Emission Spectroscopy and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

  • Principle, Instrumentation Interferences and Applications

NMR Spectroscopy

  • Quantum numbers and their role in NMR
  • Principle, Instrumentation, the Solvent requirement in NMR, Relaxation process
  • NMR signals in various compounds, Chemical shift, Factors influencing chemical shift, Spin-Spin coupling, Coupling constant, Nuclear magnetic double resonance
  • A brief outline of principles of FT-NMR and 13C NMR. Applications of NMR spectroscopy.

Mass Spectroscopy

  • Principle, Theory, Instrumentation of Mass Spectroscopy
  • Different types of ionization like electron impact, chemical, field, FAB and MALDI, APCI, ESI, APPI
  • Analyzers of Quadrupole and Time of Flight, Mass fragmentation and its rules, Meta stable ions, Isotopic peaks
  • Applications of Mass spectroscopy


  • Principle, apparatus, instrumentation, chromatographic parameters, factors affecting resolution and applications of the following:
  • a) Paper chromatography b) Thin Layer chromatography c) Ion exchange chromatography d) Column chromatography e) Gas chromatography f) High-Performance Liquid chromatography g) Affinity chromatography


  • Principle, Instrumentation, Working conditions, factors affecting separation and applications of the following:
  • a) Paper electrophoresis b) Gel electrophoresis c) Capillary electrophoresis d) Zone electrophoresis e) Moving boundary electrophoresis f) Isoelectric focusing

X-Ray Crystallography

  • Production of X-rays, Different X-ray diffraction methods, Bragg’slaw
  • Rotating crystal technique, X-ray powder technique, Types of crystals and applications of Xray diffraction

Immunological Assays

  • RIA (Radioimmunoassay)
  • Bioluminescence assays

Drug Delivery Systems M.Pharm PDF Notes

SR and CR Formulations

  • Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Factor Affecting Preparations SR/CR formulation
  • Mechanism of Drug Delivery from SR/CR formulation
  • Introduction, Definition, Classification, Properties and Application of Polymers

Personalized Medicine

  • Introduction, Definition, Pharmacogenetics, Categories of Patients for Personalized Medicines
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Bioelectronic Medicines
  • 3D Printing
  • Telepharmacy

Rate Control Drug Delivery Systems

  • Pre Rate Controlled Drug Delivery System
  • Activation Modulated Drug Delivery System
  • Feedback Regulated DrugDelivery System

Gastro-Retentive Drug Delivery Systems

  • Principles, concepts advantages and disadvantages of Gastro Retentive Drug Delivery System
  • Modulation of GI transit time approaches to extend GI transit

Buccal Drug Delivery Systems

  • Principle of Mucoadhesion
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Buccal Drug Delivery System
  • Mechanism of drug permeation and Methods of formulation and its evaluations.

Ocular Drug Delivery Systems

  • Barriers to drug permeation and Methods to overcome barriers in the Ocular Drug Delivery System

Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems

  • Structure of skin and barriers
  • Penetration enhancers
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems, Formulation and evaluation

Protein and Peptide Delivery

  • Barriers to protein delivery
  • Formulation and Evaluation of delivery systems of proteins and other macromolecules.

Vaccine Delivery Systems

  • Vaccines, uptake of antigens, single shot vaccines, mucosal and
  • transdermal delivery of vaccines.

Modern Pharmaceutics M.Pharm PDF Notes

Preformulation Concepts

  • Covered All Information about Preformulation Concepts
  • Covered All Information about Drug Excipient Interactions
  • Covered All Information about Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems

Optimization techniques in Pharmaceutical Formulation

  • Covered All Information about Drug Excipient Interactions


  • Covered All Information about Drug Excipient Interactions

Compression and

  • Physics of tablet compression, compression, consolidation
  • effect of friction, distribution of forces, and compaction profiles. Solubility

cGMP & Industrial Management

  • Covered All Information about cGMP & Industrial Management

Study of Consolidation Parameters

  • Diffusion parameters, Dissolution parameters and Pharmacokinetic parameters
  • Heckel plots, Similarity factors – f2 and f1, Higuchi and Peppas plot
  • Linearity Concept of significance, Standard deviation, Chi-square test, students T-test, ANOVA test.

Regulatory Affairs M.Pharm PDF Notes

Regulatory Requirements for the Drug Approval

  • NDA for API, Biologics, Novel therapies
  • ANDA of US registration for foreign drugs

Documentation in Pharmaceutical Industry

  • NDA and ANDA Approval Process
  • BA/BE outsourcing to CRO

Non-Clinical Drug Development

  • Global Submission of IND, NDA and ANDA
  • IMPD
  • IB


  • Chemistry Manufacturing and Control

CTD and cCTD

  • CTD and ECTD format, industry and FDA liaison

ICH Guidelines

  • The formation, Working and Goal of ICH
  • ICH Guidelines – QSEM

Clinical Trials

  • Developing the Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Institutional Review Board / Independent Ethics committee
  • Informed consent process and Procedures


  • Global Submission of IND, NDA and ANDA
  • IMPD
  • IB


  • Global Submission of IND, NDA and ANDA
  • IMPD
  • IB

Resources for Further Reading

When you are a Master’s Student it is not enough to study only study materials just to pass the exam. You need in-depth knowledge of subjects and topics covered in the syllabus and also not in the syllabus. For this reason, you have to study various books and review research papers. You have shared information about some good books which will help you learn the subjects.

Most of the books shared here are by archive.org and you need to create a free account on Archive.org to access all the pages and it is completely free to create an account on Archive.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download M.Pharm Lecture Notes?

To download M.Pharm Lecture Notes you have to visit MyPharmaGuide.com first then you have to visit the heading menu you can see the Notes section and under the notes section you will see the M.Pharm Notes option.
or you can use the search option to search M.Pharm Notes you will get the Post after searching.

What are the Subjects in M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics 1st Semester?

The are four theoretical and one practical subject in M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics 1st Semester.
The subjects for M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics 1st Semester are:
1. Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques
2. Drug Delivery System
3. Modern Pharmaceutics
4. Regulatory Affairs


We have collected the PDF Notes from different sources and hope it will help most of the Master in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) students. I myself used the notes that’s why I am sharing them with you all. I have also shared previous year’s question papers of different universities which will also help you to learn about what types of questions you may face in your university exams. At last, I want to say only one thing if the notes shared here genuinely help you then share them with your friends.


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