Preparation and Evaluation of Turmeric Cream

Aim: To prepare and evaluate 10gm of Turmeric – Aloe Vera Gel Herbal Cream.

Requirements: For Preparation of 10gm of Herbal Creams

  • White beeswax – 5gm
  • Liquid paraffin- 7ml
  • Borax – 2gm
  • Water- 5ml
  •  Perfume – 2 drops
  • Curcumin (Turmeric) – 200mg
  • Aloe Vera gel – 1gm
  • Methyl paraben-0.02gm
  • Ethyl alcohol – 2ml (Q.S to dissolve curcumin)

NOTE: Curcumin content is 3.14% by dry weight basis.

Principle: Creams are viscous semi-solid emulsions that are meant for external application They usually contain a water-soluble base so that it can easily be removed from the skin. When applied to the skin, creams leave no visible evidence of their presence on the skin. Creams consist of medicaments dissolved or suspended in water removable or emollient bases. Creams are of two types.

  • Aqueous creams (O/W)
  • Oily creams (W/O)

Therefore, combining immiscible compounds is possible by mechanical agitation or heat.

Procedure: Melted the beeswax with mineral oil by heating on a water bath at the temperature of 70°C. Here, curcumin is not soluble in water. So it was mixed with a minimum quantity of ethyl alcohol. This was added to the borax water mixture and heated to the same temperature. Both the temperature was attained at a temperature of 70°C added the aqueous phase with rapid constant stirring until cool. Filtered it into a container and labelled it.

Evaluation Parameters of Turmeric Herbal Formulations:

  • Determination of pH: 1gm of prepared tooth paste and add 9ml of freshly boiled and cooled water. Stir well and make a suspension, pH was determined by using pH meter.
  • Spreadability Test: About 1gm of sample was weighed and placed at the center of the glass plate and another glass plate was placed over it carefully above the glass plate 100 gm weight was placed up on upper slide so that the formulation between two slides was pressed uniformly to form a thin layer, the weight was removed and the excess of formulation adhering to the slides was scrapped off. One of the slides was fixed on which the formulation was placed, the time in which upper slide moves over the lower plate was taken as measure of spreadability. Spreadability is calculated by using the following formula.
    • Spreadability = mXl/t Where, m=weight on the slide, l= length move on the slide and t= time taken.
  • Skin Irritation Test: The ointment was placed on patches and covered with gauze for 4 hrs, skin was observed for any signs of redness, inflammation and weeping of scabs.
  • Ration TPENETest: 0.5gm of ointment was rubbed over definite area of skin for a given time then unabsorbed was collected from skin and weighed.

Uses: Uses of Herbal Turmeric Cream is given below:

  • Anti wrinkle properties of herbal ingredients
  • Anti ageing properties
  • Skin protective properties

Report: Curcumin-Aloe Vera gel skin Herbal Cream prepared and evaluated.

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