Full form of DRX | Full Details about the term DRX

What is the full form of DRX? Nowadays we are seeing most Pharmacy students no matter they are B.Pharm students or D.Pharm students, They are using “DRX” in front of their name on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many of us also know the full form is “Drug Expert” but many of us are also unknown about this. You may be also looking for the meaning and what is the full form of drx? Then you are in right place, we are going to answers your queries related to these questions. We also attach a RTI asked to the Government of India and their answer to the RTI.

Full form of DRX
Full form of DRX | Full Details about the term DRX

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What is the meaning of DRX in Pharmacy ?

The meaning of DRX in Pharmacy is Drug Expert. DRX is the short form of DRug eXpert. Nowadays we can see most of the Pharmacy students (Both B.Pharm and D.Pharm students) using the same term in front of their name on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As pharmacy students read about drugs and their uses. manufacturing. They learn most of the things about different types of drugs that’s why they are using it to show that they are Pharmacy students and they deal with drugs and medicines. Not only Pharmacy students but Pharmacists can also use this and they are also using DRX. This title or prefix ‘DRx’ is not allotted or approved by Pharmacy Council of India that’s means it is not a official tittle or prefix.

Can Pharmacist use DRX ?

Yes, a pharmacist can use DRX in front of his/her name. If the Pharmacist is a registered Pharmacist then he/she also can use Rph in front of his name. The full form of Rph is registered pharmacist.

What is DRX mean in Hindi?

The full form of DRx in English is Drug Expert and the meaning of Drug Expert in Hindi is “दवाओं के विशेषज्ञ”.

एक दवा विशेषज्ञ एक व्यक्ति है जो दवाओं से संबंधित है

Difference between DRX and DR

The full form of DRx is Drug Expert where the full form of Dr is Doctor. Every pharmacy student can use DRX in front of their name but only Pharmacy students who have done a Pharm D degree or a Pharmacy student who has done a Ph.D. can only use the Dr prefix. DRx is not an official prefix or title but Dr is an official prefix that is approved by the Government of India. Only pharmacy students or students related to Drug Studies can use the DRx prefix but students of any stream who has done PhD can use Dr with the MBBS graduates.

Question related to the uses of these prefix in the name was asked to Pharmacy Council of India via a RTI. Questions that are asked to PCI is given below:

  • What is PCIs stand on the use of Dr by Pharm D?
  • What is PCI’s stand on the use of various prefixes such as DRX, RPh by Indian Pharmacists? Do we have any standard guidelines for the use of these prefixes? Do note that these prefixes are widely used by pharmacy professionals across India?
  • What is the guideline from PCI to differentiate the professionals who have done D. Pharm, B. Pharm M. Pharm? For the common man, all diplomas, degrees, and master’s holders are Pharmacists?
  • What action PCI is taking to differentiate the role of pharmacy professionals and empower them?

The reply given by PCI is atteched below


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