Introduction to Pharmacology PDF Note Download


Introduction to Pharmacology PDF Note Download Free For Pharmacy Students. Pharmacology is the science of drugs. It contributes to the development of drugs, the understanding of their mechanisms of action and the description of their conditions of use. It also deals with the assessment of their efficiency (through clinical trials) and their safety (through pharmacovigilance). Administration, legislation and complex control systems characterize this field which is at the crossroads between research and development (in the Pharmaceutical industry) and so-called basic research.
Pharmacology is an indispensable prerequisite for the learning of therapeutics and continuous flexibility is needed to move from collective data (pharmacology of populations, clinical pharmacology) to the individual conduct required in a precise case. It is also necessary during the pharmacokinetic monitoring of a specific case. The application of pharmacoepidemiology data to an individual patient is linked to the interpretation of statistical data.

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