Herbal Drugs and Technology Notes Free PDF Download – 2021

Herbal Drugs and Technology Notes Free For B.Pharm and other Pharmacy students. All the notes available on this website are free to download and easy use to understand. This Herbal Drugs and Technology PDF Notes will help all the B Pharmacy and D Pharmacy students very much to make a good score in their university and any other competitive exams.

Download Herbal Drugs and Technology Notes For Pharmacy Students.

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Herbal Drugs and Technology Notes Download Online

We are providing Herbal Drugs and Technology PDF Notes for the B.pharm and D.Pharm students. These notes will be very helpful to them. To download notes just click on the topic name.

These PDF Notes will very helpful for your GPAT, NIPER and other important exams.

Herbal Drugs and Technology Notes Download Online
Herbal Drugs and Technology Notes Download Online

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Here is the latest collection of Medicinal Chemistry I and Medicinal Chemistry II PDF Notes

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  • Herbs as Raw Materials
    • Definition of herb
    • herbal medicine
    • herbal medicinal product
    • herbal drug preparation
    • Source of Herbs
    • Selection, identification and authentication of herbal materials Processing of herbal raw material
  • Nutraceuticals
    • General aspects
    • Market, growth
    • scope and types of products available in the market
    • Health benefits and role of Nutraceuticals in ailments like Diabetes, CVS diseases, Cancer, Irritable bowel syndrome and various Gastrointestinal diseases.
    • Study of following herbs as a health food: Alfalfa, Chicory, Ginger, Fenugreek, Garlic, Honey, Amla, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Spirulina

  • Herbal-Drug and Herb-Food Interactions
    • General introduction to interaction and classification
    • Study of following drugs and their possible side effects and interactions: Hypericum, kava-kava, Ginkobiloba, Ginseng, Garlic, Pepper & Ephedra.

  • Herbal excipients
    • Herbal Excipients – Significance of substances of natural origin as excipients – colourants, sweeteners, binders, diluents, viscosity builders, disintegrants, flavours & perfumes.

  • General Introduction to Herbal Industry
    • Herbal drugs industry
    • Present scope and future prospects
    • A brief account of plant-based industries and institutions involved in work on medicinal and aromatic plants in India.

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