Dosage Form | Definition and Example of Different Types of Dosage Forms

In this, we learn about What is Dosage Form? Importance of Dosage Forms and Definition and Example of Different Types of Dosage Forms. Dosage Form is an important chapter for D.Pharm 1st Year and B.Pharm 1st Semester Students. So in this post, we will learn about Dosage Form in detail and we will also answer the frequently asked questions about dosage form.

Dosage Form | Definition and Example of Different Types of Dosage Forms
Dosage Form | Definition and Example of Different Types of Dosage Forms

Definition and Importance of Dosage Form

Dosage forms refer to the safe, stable, and effective way medication is delivered into the body. Dosage forms, which are basically pharmaceutical products, are often marketed to patients. They typically contain a mix of active drug components (drug components) and excipients (nondrug components).

Importance of Dosage Form: There are many important points behind the Dosage Form. All points are discussed below.

  • To provide safe and convenient delivery of accurate dose
  • Many dosage forms can be easily identified from their distinct color, shape, or identifying markings.
  • To protect the drug substance from hydrolysis, oxidation, and reduction
  • To protect the drug from the destructive effect of gastric juice on the stomach after oral administration..
  • To hide the bitter, salty, and obnoxious smell or taste of a drug substance.
  • To provide for the insertion of the drug into one of the body cavities.
  • To provide for the optimum drug action through inhalation therapy.
  • To provide the maximum drug action from topical administration sites.
  • To provide sustained release action through a controlled release mechanism.
  • To provide liquid dosage form of the drugs soluble in a suitable vehicle.
  • To provide the drugs within the body tissue.

Classification of Dosage Forms

Dosage Forms are classified into different types depending on which drug molecules are delivered to the site of action.

  • Form Wise
    • Solid Dosage Form
    • Liquid Dosage Form
    • Semi-Solid Dosage Form
  • Route Wise
    • Oral Dosage Form
    • Topical Dosage Form
    • Parenteral Dosage Form
  • Release Wise
    • Sustained release
    • Prolonged release
    • Controlled release
    • Targetted drug delivery

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