Commonly Used Instruments In Experimental Pharmacology

In spite of tremendous development in electronic devices and recording systems are followed in institutions and research laboratories. Some common instruments are used in experimental pharmacology.

Organ bath:

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The tissue bath used to put the animal tissue for studying the drug actions is called student organ bath. This was first designed by Rudolph Magnus in 1904. The organ bath essentially
consists of

  • An outer jacket made of up of steel or glass or Perspex.
  • The inner organ or tissue bath made up of glass with a capacity varying from 10 -50 ml.
  • Thermostatically controlled heating rod.
  • Stirrer to keep the water in the outer jacket at uniform temperature.
  • Oxygen or delivery glass tube which also serves as tissue holder.
  • Glass coil, one end of which is connected having the physiological salt solution. The student organ bath having two units of inner tissue bath is called double unit organ bath.

Rotarod apparatus:

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For the study of muscle relaxant property of diazepam in mice. The loss of muscle grab is an indicator of muscle relaxation. This effect can be studied in animals using an inclined plane or rotating rods.


Source: ResearchGate

It is used to study the CNS depressant property of chlorpromazine on the locomotor activity of mice. CNS depressant drugs like alcohol reduce motor activity with the stimulants like caffeine and amphetamines increase the activity. The actophotometer operates on the photoelectric
cell which is connected to the circuit with a counter.


It is used to study the anticonvulsant activity of phenytoin against electro-convusiometer induced in rats. The electric shock is applied through the corneal electrodes; it produces 5 phases such as tonic flexion, tonic extensor, clonic convulsion, stupor, and recovery/death.

Pole climbing apparatus:

It is used to study anxiolytic activity in rats and mice. The basic principles of pole climbing apparatus are based on a neurochemical mechanism of anxiety disorders drugs like benzodiazepam are used.


Source: Solution Pharmacy YouTube Channel

It is used to study the analgesic effects of drugs in mice and rats. The inducer of pain such as heat, physio compression and chemical inducers. The basal reaction time was noted as an inference of pain sensation drugs like morphine and other NSAIDs are used.

Metabolic cage:

It is used to study the metabolic parameters such as faecal and urine for the study of
purgative or laxative, animals such as rats and mice are used.

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