Are Pharmacist Doctors? A Detailed Analysis

Hello guys, are you people confused about “are pharmacist Doctors” or not. So in this post, we will clear all your doubts regarding this question. Just let’s talk about the general data given by the health ministry, the health ministry of India says that almost 4 lakhs of pharmacy students are getting graduated every year. Whereas India produces only 50,000 doctors per year.  This means according to the population of India the ratio of doctors per person is around 1:1000. This means only one doctor is present for the 1000 members population in India. But World Health Organisation (WHO) data states that Germany has the most number of doctors as per population vs Doctors ratio.

According to data, we can analyze that pharmacists are four times more than Physicians or legal doctors. But the original quarters remain constant “are pharmacist doctors” or not. So when this question arises two things can be possible whether the pharmacist has placed DR. on his/her name or working as a physician. So in both these cases, a different situation occurs.

Are Pharmacist Doctors
Are Pharmacist Doctors

Are Pharmacist Doctors

No Pharmacist can’t be a doctor. If a pharmacist is writing the title as Dr then he/she may have completed a doctorate in pharmacy or done a six-year Pharm D course. In this case, they are never considered as a physician or a medical doctor. Because of their education level, they are awarded the title of Dr. There is a lot of difference between a doctorate pharmacist and a medical doctor. Below, you will read the basic difference between a pharmacist and a doctor.

Difference between Doctor and pharmacist

Now let’s discuss the reason how a pharmacist differs from a doctor. Doctors hold a degree of his/her practices on the human body and a legal medical license provided by the government which is a symbol of guarantee that he/she is having enough idea and medical knowledge about the human body and capable of healing the diseases. Also, doctors have verified residency certificates for the specialty like a cardiologist for heart diseases, Orthopaedic for bones specialist, etc.

But when it comes to the pharmacist having a doctorate, they don’t have any legal right to recommend a patient with medical advice and treatments. Because they have only access to help the patients by just providing the medicines advised by any registered doctor on a hospital pad or prescription pad. But yes they have little access to help the patient such as giving flu shots but as directed by the doctor. The main aim of a pharmacist is to ensure the patient is provided with the correct medicines and has the proper knowledge if using them. There is a huge difference in the basic definition of a pharmacist and a doctor.

  • Definition of Pharmacist

Pharmacists are simply medical health care specialists who have proper knowledge about medicines and how to use the medicines for effective efficiency. The pharmacists are specially licensed to deal with pharmaceutical engagement and various duties to prescribe drugs, monitor the effect of drug interactions, administering vaccines, and counseling patients on the effect of various drugs and other health-related supplements, etc.

  • Definition of Doctor

Generally, doctors are skilled persons who have excellent knowledge in the field of medical science. Or else doctors can also be defined as a person who is trained and licensed to provide medical treatment to heal the sick people are known as Doctors. On a record, it’s seen that generally, a doctor examines up to 30 patients per day.

From the above two definitions, we have clearly understood the main difference between a doctor and a pharmacist. Hope now you are capable of determining the major difference between both of these. And also you have a little bit of idea regarding the answer “Are Pharmacist Doctors”.

So before finalizing “are pharmacist doctors” there is also a huge difference in their profession through doctors and pharmacists belong to the same field. So let’s check the responsibilities of a pharmacist and a doctor.

Responsibilities of pharmacist and a Doctor

                  Doctors           Pharmacists
Doctors are licensed to treat patients and can directly treat patients.Pharmacists are licensed only to assign the medicines and assure that patients take the medicine as per time table. So pharmacists can’t treat patients.
Doctors are capable of performing surgeries, diagnosing patients, analyzing test results, advising patients on treatment options, etc.The pharmacists can only assign the medicines as per the doctor’s advice.
Doctor’s are also capable of referring the patients to other disease specialists. Lil for heart disease patients can be referred to a cardiologist.No referring option is available like a doctor does.
Doctors can do pharmacist work also as they have medical knowledge.Pharmacists can’t perform surgeries etc. They are neither licensed nor capable of doing the doctor’s role.
Doctors have an overall medical field knowledge such as medicines, surgeries, report reading, identifying symptoms, etc.Pharmacists have only knowledge regarding medicines.
Responsibilities of pharmacist and a Doctor
Responsibilities of pharmacist and a Doctor

Now let’s discuss what are the other ways through which a pharmacist can use the title of doctor, which is a core confusion regarding the question “are pharmacist doctors“.

When can pharmacist use the title doctor

Pharmacists are allowed to use the doctor’s title while they are in a work environment means just advising the medicines but in a case that medicines are already written by a doctor. And in another case, if the pharmacist has completed a Doctorate degree from any one of the specialized subjects or fields or only if he/she has done Pharm D. In this case, pharmacists have the legal right to use the title doctor.

Now the final question to be answered that “are pharmacist doctors” can be cleared as below:

Pharmacists are advised not to use the doctor’s title as it may lead to confusion among the patients regarding the real doctor and pharmacist and also it leads to patient safety at risk. But in the medical field, it’s sure that pharmacists are legally not allowed to use the title doctor (DR.).  From the above ideology and proper definition, it’s clear that pharmacists are not doctors. So this is the correct answer to our question “are pharmacist doctors“.

Hope after reading the above article, I am sure that you have cleared the doubt regarding the question “are pharmacist doctors”. If still, you have any doubt leftover this question feel free to reach us through the comment box provided below.

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